Anna totobet hongkong – the “Vietcutie” clears away

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She’s relatively new to the totobet hongkong scene and has already made an impressive start. It all started with a trip to Las Vegas in 2007 that Anna Wroblewski took to carve her way into the poker scene.

She had been here before and played poker during her stay – albeit without knowing much about bankroll management . That’s why she ended up having to return to Chicago. In February 2007, however, she wanted to try again.

The beginning went terribly wrong: she was broke after a short time. But this time, Wroblewski decided not to give up and went to Las Vegas to find a job. With the help of her boss, she was able to buy into the NLHE event at the 2007 Five-Star World Poker Classic. And she won the $3,000 NLHE event. Completely surprising to the rest of the poker community.

Wroblewski also plays a lot of online poker under the nickname “Vietcutie”. Since she is an orphan, she cannot remember her exact age – with a little imagination you can certainly conjure up a perfect flirting spell out of it!

Uh… where was I? Since the beginning of her career, Wroblewski has played consistently. She got her bankroll problems under control. In the first 11 weeks of her career, she won an incredible $700,000. Either way, with a bit of routine, she has the potential to dominate the poker scene.

As a poker player, you are convinced that playing poker is not a game of chance. In the long run, everyone gets the same cards. Luck and bad luck are only short-term deviations from a statistical expected value. Just how big can these deviations get? How much money does a poker player who is seriously interested in making a long poker career without losing all of their money need to have up their sleeves?

If you play No Limit Hold’em it can happen that you lose a lot of stacks during a long streak of bad luck. To avoid losing outright, you should have at least 20x your stack. So if you’re playing NL25 with blinds of $0.10/$0.25, a bankroll of at least $500 is recommended, but can certainly be higher. A particularly aggressive game (both your own and that of your opponents), multi-tabling and the table size can have an influence on the swings and thus require more safety margins. So if you’re an aggressive player playing multiple short-handed tables (6max) against maniacs , your bankroll should be closer to 50x your stack.

As a limit player, solid bankroll management is just as important, but it is based on the big bets, i.e. the bet sizes from the turn. A limit player loses less money in a hand than a no limit player. However, since he has less influence on the pot odds due to the size of the bet , there are much more situations where the opponents simply call down. This makes Limit Holdem appropriately mathematical. It is therefore necessary for a limit player to have at least 300 times a big bet as collateral. This means for a limit game with bets of $0.10/$0.20, you should have at least $90 to cover the period when you don’t win. Don’t make the mistake of going below these numbers, as the next losing streak is sure to come and current winnings do not necessarily reflect the true profitability of your game.


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