Best Apps for Drawing Floor Plans for Android and IOS 2022

It’s not an easy task to create floor plans or decorate a home. Creating a house plan, in fact, maybe quite difficult unless you spend a significant amount of money or have specific expertise. Even if you’re an expert, drawing and redrawing for several hours is unavoidable.

You’ve got yourself a smartphone that can do almost anything due to the growing app ecosystem, so you’re in luck! So, here are some of the best home design drawing software.

Of course, the plans or apps generated using these programs aren’t a replacement for a real architectural plan. You can also check out some more on. These applications may, however, be quite useful in getting you started and organized.

1. FloorPlanner (iOS and Android)

Floorplanner is a design app for iOS and Android which can be used as a home plan and interior design app with real-time 3D rendering capabilities. It’s one of the best apps you can enjoy to draw floor plans with no fuss, even if you’re not an expert in architecture or interior design. Plus it’s free to use! So what are you waiting for? Other than creating your own designs, Floorplanner also gives you access to thousands of user-submitted designs that you can either use as they are or edit further yourself. This makes Floorplanner really fun and exciting because it allows you to experiment with many different styles and types of designs.

2. HomeStyler (iOS)

HomeStyler is a home designing app for iOS. It’s an all-in-one solution for creating stunning interior design plans and layouts of your living spaces – rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, basements, or garages. You can use it to decorate and supplement your existing house floor plan or create a whole new project from scratch using advanced features such as wall mirrors, automatic curtain calculations, and much more.

Homestyler is another popular Android app that allows you to create impressive designs with 3D models of furniture and appliances. Just like the other apps mentioned in this list, Homestyler uses tools which means you can easily drag and drop items on the screen or select from a wide range of furniture to place in your 3D model. All you need to do is choose an option from the left-hand menu and drag it where you want it to appear.

It’s worth mentioning that Homestyler also has a section called Designer which allows you to build a new design from scratch with its advanced tools. This feature is similar to Ikea Planner by IKEA but on steroids! However, this part of the program isn’t free as there are only two available packages namely Basic ($2) and Premium ($8).

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