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Lots of us have blemish-prone skin.  Or, as dermatologists call it – ACNE.  Derms are reporting as much as 70% of their patients now are seeking help with their persistent blemishes.  Many patients are seeking both blemish and anti-aging help at the same time!  Say, what? In case you need beauty tips on “Best Hawaii nurse injector“, this website “” is highly recommended.

Blemished skin can profoundly affect our social and professional lives. It can cause us to withdraw from others, avoid relationships, and hold back on seeking that next job promotion.  Our entire self esteem can be completely wrapped around our inability to control the way our skin looks.  Adult suffers are taking this problem very seriously.

For most blemish sufferers, however, the news in good.  Even though there is no cure for acne, we CAN safely control and manage the breakouts.  And you DO want to manage and control them – otherwise you’ll experience post-acne complications such as discoloration of the skin (brown spots from previous blemishes) and worst  of all – scarring.

Treatments for acne have significantly evolved over the years.  We’ve tried all sorts of remedies that failed.  But with more and more people demanding blemish control, we finally have some proven solutions that work.  No more spot treatments (they didn’t work), no more sun lamps or heavy alcohol toners (they just dried our skin out), and no more blaming the person who’s suffering with bad skin (it’s their SKIN that’s the problem, not the person).

Smart science tells us that if we treat our entire face, consistently every morning and every night, with the right formulations, we can manage most blemish-prone skin problems.  The formulations must contain only non-comedogenic ingredients.  A blemish is simply a clogged pore, so we can’t use ingredients that clog the pores on our skin.  Products must first – calm the skin’s irritations (botanicals like chamomile and aloe are the best), secondly – unclog the pores and eliminate the plug of oil and bacteria, and third – gently exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin that can clog the pores.

Sometimes all you need is a routine of twice per day using purely botanically-based skin care products to get the desired results.  But, if you’re still breaking out, you should try using botanically-based products that also contain over the counter strength medicines such as sulfur, benzoyl peroxide, and alpha hydroxy acids.  If, after several weeks on this regimen, you still don’t have your blemishes under control, it is recommended that you see a dermatologist immediately for prescription strength medicated skin care products to get your acne under control.  The important thing is -don’t wait! The condition will only worsen and now you’ll be dealing with the complications as well.

In most cases, you may only need to use the medicated products for a short while, until your skin is cleared, and then you can gradually change your regimen back to purely botanical.  If you find your skin flaring up again, you can go back on the medicated products as needed.

If you’re one of the millions struggling with blemish prone skin, just know, you’re not alone.  Many others are going through the same struggles as you.  There is hope!  I encourage you to act today, seek advice from a skin care professional.  Ask them for their recommendations for a twice daily skin care regimen that treats the entire skin, is botanically based, with non-comedogenic ingredients, contains over the counter medications (if needed), gently exfoliates, calms the skin, unclogs pores and fights bacteria.

And, of course, no matter what your skin concern, always- always- always wear your sunscreen!

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