game289 Gauntlet VI Game 12 Summary


It is mid-season here at the game289 Gauntlet. Game 12 of 24 hit the felt on 11/7 and 19 players felt they were destined for victory. If you are not sure what the Gauntlet is, be sure to click on the word “Gauntlet” to find out and register. Basically, it is FTR’s own private league where we donk around and have fun. You will see in a lot of the hand histories there is some bashing/talking, and that’s because we all know each other and have a good time. If you haven’t already, register and play with us next game. After reading the summary, make sure to see who won this games award for “lol cooleraments” which will be the cooler of the night, “wtf was he thinking” which will be the questionable play of the night, along with “donk of the night” which will be the worst beat.

With it being mid-season, it is interesting to look at the results prior to the game and see who has a chance at victory:

FTR Name – GP – Points / Week Change

Jimmy Mac – 6 – 489.07 / 0

givememyleg – 8 – 440.04 / 0

Alexos – 7 – 374.32 / 0

bigred – 6 – 365.11 / 0

kmind – 5 – 362.11 / 0

ackthecat – 7 – 355.18 / 0

Shifubowa – 7 – 335.45 / +2

bigspenda73 – 7 – 310.44 / +3

Mirage – 6 – 293.23 / +1

Bender50 – 5 – 279.26 / -3

There were no changes atop of the leaderboard, only the bottom 4 of the top 10 had any spot changes. As I said last week, Jimmy Mac is still a huge favorite and he has 6 more games to play of the remaining 12. Unless someone in the top 5 goes on an extreme heater, it is in the bag for JM. Of course he could always forget to play his last 6 games! Some other notable position changes are bigspenda73 moving up 3 spots with his 3rd place finish in Game 11 (one time!), and Shifubowa up two with his second place last week.

This is the 6th season of the Gauntlet and there seems to be a trend. Usually the first 5-6 games will have a ton of players, as they are excited for the start. Then it levels off from that point. Games 1 – 6 had an average player turnout of 29 and games 7 – 12 only 19. The steady decline is still running its course but I hope we can start to see some larger fields again once the earlier players start coming around again. Time for the action.

Game 12 only had 19 players, but the action was still plentiful. Some notable players of these 19 include Season V champ I Like Pie (PokerStars name C2Knuckles), courtie’s crush swiggidy, the youngest man at heart Warpe, Mr. Culinary himself flomo, muscle man Galapogos (PokerStars I_Lie_2_U), and the man who says “wheeeeeeee” chardrian. Prior to the game Xianti announced that there would be a surprise bonus prize, which turned out to be a bounty on Bender50 (the only player in the top 10 who played in Game 12). The prize was any one free item from the FTR Store, which has some nice stuff! Thanks X-Man for the special bonuses!

Early on it seemed as if it just wasn’t geno9′s night. He has been known for his very tight play, but it would be tough to get away from this hand (especially against the maniac kingnat!):

*** HOLE CARDS ***

Dealt to kingnat [Qc Qs]

kingnat: raises 69 to 99

chardrian: folds

C2Knuckles: folds

spinswell: folds

studboyjoe: folds

swiggidy: folds

geno9: calls 99

kingnat said, “i was always a big fan of BooYAH!.. like… 14 years ago…”

pokerajkq: folds

Warpe: folds

*** FLOP *** [6d 7d 2c]

kingnat: bets 210

swiggidy said, “no, hoo-ha”

swiggidy said, “for the VJJ”

geno9: raises 390 to 600

kingnat: raises 851 to 1451 and is all-in

geno9: calls 851

kingnat said, “g’night kids”

chardrian said, “VJJ is g00000t”

swiggidy said, “booyah still has it’s place”

*** TURN *** [6d 7d 2c] [2h]

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