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HOLY FRIDAY slot gacor

Finally it’s Friday! And like everyone else, I also suffer from pre-weekend syndrome… and on Friday it costs a little more to be slot gacor creative. As it seems that there are people who read it and sometimes write it, I want to dedicate this entry to those people and encourage them to give me ideas .

I want to know what you want to know more about texas poker, online texas poker, if you prefer entries more like poker strategies , or glossaries , tournaments , texas poker rules… I am open to all kinds of ideas, which of course I am capable of writing and that it be texas holdem poker or if you want poker in general , of course.

But since the purpose of this blog is for people to learn by following my modest advice and knowledge, I would like you to also interact from time to time to see if I am achieving the goal of my blog.

I hope you all have a very good weekend and that we will all be on Monday with our minds full of ideas and originality so that I can write something that interests you. Have fun and good luck in the game!


Posted on 27th January 2011 in Uncategorized

One more day I am going to dedicate my poker time to sharing my knowledge, even if it is few, with you. I’m into letters, and it may have been noticed when you see the glossary entries from “a” to “d” and the glossary from “e” to “z” that I marked for you, right? But I don’t think it’s important just because I like languages, it’s just that, fortunately or unfortunately, in the world of texas poker and especially online texas poker, English is used a lot, so there are You have to know a little bit at least if you like to play , so as not to feel out of the game, and never better said.Well, knowing what strategies to follow, what types of players you can become, what to bet , what hands are important and what modalities there are, it is also relevant that you know what tournaments you can play.

Texas holdem poker also owes its fame to tournaments , since it is the type of poker that is most played following the texas poker rules.

The list of tournaments is very long, so I will limit myself to telling you the names of the most common ones, which will be the ones you will find the most in online texas poker rooms . As we have already seen the presence of English in this game, there are also many tournament names in English as well and relevant terms in them.

I will give you relevant terms to better understand the tournaments:

Add-on: it is the last rebuy that they let you do. Normally it is twice as many chips.

Buy-in: is the amount you have to pay to enter a tournament. As if it were the registration price.

Freeroll: tournament modality in which there is no buy-in to pay. There is usually a final prize that will be distributed among a specific number of players.

Freezout: it is a modality of tournaments in which when you win once, you cannot participate again.

Rebuys: modality in which you can re-hook once you have been eliminated.

And the types of tournaments are:

Multi-table tournaments: these are poker games at many tables at the same time, each with 10 participants. As soon as some are losing, the tables are regrouped with the remaining players. The blind of the table, that is to say, the money that is minimum bet in each hand, will change from time to time, normally every 45 or 60 minutes it will increase. This is called “blind levels”. The final prize will go to the survivors at the end of all hands, and each room will set the number of people who will receive prizes.

Sit&go: it is a single table tournament with 10 participants, who are eliminated as they lose their chips. The chip and blind levels are also set before the game starts. The difference with multi-table tournaments is that the prizes are lower. But it is logical, since it is easier to beat nine opponents than to beat all the rest of the tables. Only the first three will receive a prize and it will be a percentage of the buy-ins.

Both modalities can be played in turbo mode. That means the level of the blinds will change faster.

Heads-up: it is one against one. This will occur at the end of any tournament when two survivors remain.

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