I have heard that there are some color shifts on decorated ceramic products. Can you explain?


Printing color designs onto mediums such as glass, ceramic, porcelain or fabrics, can be a daunting and quite difficult task as opposed to just printing on plain paper or other paper-based products.

This is why we cannot guarantee that the reproduction of your art will be reproduced exactly in the colors you specify or indicate in your art. We want you, our customer, to be aware of this as we can make no claims of being “color perfect”.

While we’ve done our best to represent 2023 Calendars and textures accurately, the color calibration and quality of computer monitors can vary considerably. We’ll, however, do our best to reproduce your art to the best of our knowledge. Based on this, we cannot guarantee faithful color reproductions and color shifts have to be considered an integral part of the ceramic mug decoration process.

The colors you see in your monitor or on a printed page might not always be exactly the same as they’ll appear on the finished mugs. It is for this reason that we highly recommend that you order a sample mug first when color rendition is important. When you order a sample mug, we’ll charge you our one-mug price and then discount this price down to the per mug price of the order.  S&H charges are not refundable nor discountable, however.  You can read more on this subject here.

Please remember:

To preserve the beauty and vibrancy of the image on your sublimation mugs, it is best to hand wash them. Also, never leave the mugs in direct sunlight, for example on a window sill.

What makes Gift Mugs decorations different from other mugs?

Our mug decorations are different from mugs offered by other companies in that we create each mug design according to your needs and wishes.

Each mug is decorated from “scratch” in that we do not have any decorated mugs in stock nor do we carry a catalog.

All our mugs are only decorated once you have accepted and returned to us our order confirmation. Thus the designs are fresh and custom made to your needs – – the mug decorations express your feelings and not those of us or others.

Where can I find appropriate designs and slogans for my coffee mug?

Should you see something that is to your liking on the Internet, for example, just let us know where you found it and we too will take a look at it. Remember, before “copying” anything from the Internet you’ll have to get permission from the copyright owner. But to get a general idea of what you would like to have on your mug, this is perfect.

Other good sources for designs and slogans are the daily press, magazines, movies, TV-shows and similar media where up-to-date information is available. Your friends and office associates are also very good sources of ideas and of what is “in” at the moment..

How do I go about getting my own design and text on a ceramic coffee mug?


The first step is to determine what decoration or text you would like to have on your mug. You might only have a very general idea but we will help you in transforming your preferences into a decoration that corresponds with your ideas. Just e-mail us your ideas and this form and we’ll try to transform them into a design you can evaluate.

We’ll e-mail you a design proposal for your comments and suggestions on how to refine them according to your ideas. You let us know if you like the design and/or what needs to be changed.

How would I go about getting mugs made with my grandson’s hand prints on them and also: I Love Mommie and I love Daddy.

Scan your hand print (or have it scanned in stores such as Kinko’s, for example) with a resolution of at least 300 dpi’s AND in the final dimensions (3″ x 3″ for our 11-oz coffee mugs). Save the scanned image in the .tif or .jpg file format and up-load it to our servers. Thereafter we’ll prepare a virtual mug layout for your evaluation and acceptance, and include any additional information you submitted with your order form

i have an eccentric aunt who curses a LOT! can i have an inscription reading, “Kiss my ass! I’m 60″/ No being rude. just want something that reflects her demeanor. thanks

We can decorate our mugs with any text as long as it’s leagal.

Is it possible to send in multiple digital images, digital artwork and digital photos and put a collage on a mug?

Yes, we can decorate our coffee mugs in full colors with any digital image file you can create, no matter of how many individual components it is made up of. Just make sure that you digital creation has a resolution of at least 300 dpi’s AND is in the final dimensions, or larger. You might want to compose and create your mug montage or collage with our: fully automated Design Generator.

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