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Diabetes is a disease in which your personal role in your treatment has an important effect on the quality of your life. Your heath care team will give you guidelines to follow for personal routines that can help you enjoy a more normal life. If you need more related services or best “Medical spas near me san diego” consulting, visit this website today –

As a diabetic you will wont to devote a little more attention to some of your personal care than you may have done before. Your heath care team will provide you with specific hints concerning care of your skin, feet, teeth. Maintaining good skin – cleaning habits can help your skin remain healthy and protect your body effectively. Promptly, treating minor injuries such as burns, cuts and bruises helps your skin heal properly and avoids problem. Your health care team will explain that, because decrease circulation in many diabetics is often notices first in the legs and feet, attention to foot care can help you maintain good function. Avoiding poor diabetic control can help you avoid problems such as vascular system difficulties, kidney disease and eye difficulties.

Your health care team will also instruct you about general hygiene, what to do when you are ill, what to do when travelling and eating out, what to do about social drinking, as well as addressing sexual concerns. If you are elderly, your health care team will tell you about special arrangement for your home health care.

Your families emotional adjustment to your diabetes will also be an important concern, which your health team will discuss with you and members of your families. Your families health education should begin right away. Family members will quickly learn that diabetes isn’t contagious and isn’t transmitted by any kind of physical contact. As your and your family learn to live with diabetes you will all become familiar with common acute and chronic complications and their possible prevention, how to recognize circumstances warranting a call to your health care team, skills such as blood and/or urine testing and, if necessary, injection techniques. Your health care team will assist you in living comfortably with your disease by providing continuing education during each visit.


Because diabetes can cause changes in the tiny blood vessels that supply your skin with nutrients, proper skin care is specially important in preventing bacterial and fungal injections, impact nerve sensations, dry, itchy skin and other skin disorders. Your health care team will suggest daily guidelines for your personal hygiene. These may include the following:

After bathing, keep your skin dry, particularly in the skin folds, in the armpits, the groin. Use talcum powder to help yourself stay dry.

When bathing, avoid excessively hot water and use a super fated soap to lubricate your skin. Try to avoid harsh and highly perfumed soaps.

Use a humidifier at home to moisten the air during the cold winter months. Use a lubricating skin oil to moisturize your skin when the humidity is low.

Take care of any injuries to hands or feet right away. People with impaired nerve sensations tend to be more susceptible to infections , particularly in the legs and feet . Seek professional assistance for changes such as pressure injuries from shoes or changes in color of your skin and proper management of open wounds , should they occur . Check your feet frequently , since you may not feel an injury to your feet a readily with diabetes nerve changes that create decreased sensation .

Avoid excessive exposure to sun , as these burns can be serious to a diabetic because of infection , dehydration and altered diabetic control .

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