Natural Body Butter – Explained by Lip filler near me costa mesa


Looking for natural body butter? A safe, effective moisturizer for your skin? If you are looking forward to Lip filler near me costa mesa

All natural body butters are powerful, skin quenching moisturizers. They smooth and soften with healing, botanical ingredients. Unlike conventional moisturizers, they rely on nature to work their magic. Free of harmful chemicals, natural body butters are safe and pleasantly effective.

These concentrated natural moisturizers are especially great for dry skin. They contain beneficial plant butters and oils for moisturizing… and essential oils for fragrance.

There are many brands and varieties of natural body butters on the market. While each is unique, below you’ll find the most common ingredients used to create these miraculous moisturizers


Cocoa Butter: This natural moisturizer comes from the cocoa bean… the prized bean that is the source of our beloved chocolate. Cocoa butter even smells like chocolate!

The surprising thing about this nut butter is not only does it give us a yummy treat, but it is a superb moisturizer. Easily absorbed by skin, your body temperature melts the cocoa butter as it’s applied. In addition to it’s skin-softening capability, this butter has many healing properties.

African Shea Butter, also known as African Karité, has a soft, creamy texture, with a slightly smoky odor. Softer than cocoa butter, it is moisturizing and gentle. In Africa, even babies are covered with shea to protect their delicate skin.

Derived from the nut of the African Shea tree, this gift from nature has been used for centuries. It’s a superior moisturizer… and is often used as a stand alone product. It penetrates the skin deeply, promoting elasticity as it softens.

Mango Butter comes from the seeds of mango fruit. It has a light yellow to mango colored tint. The texture is soft… similar to that of shea butter. It is an excellent moisturizer that melts from the temperature of the skin.


Coconut Oil – This oil is prized for its skin conditioning properties. It’s a light oil that smells like fresh coconut. It provides protection against damaging, skin-aging free radicals. It smooths skin by removing dead cells on the surface, while penetrating deep layers that strengthen the tissue beneath.

Jojoba Oil – Technically not an oil, rather this is a wax-like liquid. It comes from the seeds of the jojoba plant that grows wild in the Sonora Desert of the United States. It has been long treasured by Native American Indians for its skin-healing ability.

Natural Body ButterJojoba oil has a silky feel. And unlike other moisturizing ingredients, it has no odor. This makes it ideal for use in a natural skin care product. It penetrates deeply, helping to maintain moisture and elasticity. It works well for both dry and oily skin.

Palm Oil is made from the fruit of the oil palm. This natural gem has been eaten in tropical parts of the world for more than 5,000 years. Loaded with antioxidants that protect against damaging free radicals, it is guarded as an anti-aging secret.

One of the most powerful antioxidants in palm oil is a particular form of vitamin E know to be especially beneficial to skin. This is but one of a host of natural, skin-beautifying phyto-nutrients found in palm oil.

Olive Oil is considered an ancient beauty secret. First used for beauty care over 5000 years ago, it’s high in anti-aging antioxidants. Olive oil body butter offers protection against skin damaging free radials.

Body butters may include other beneficial botanicals such as aloe vera juice and natural essential oils. The relaxing scent of lavender body butter is a favorite.

Make sure to choose natural body butter for safe, effective skin care.


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