Online Casino Malaysia Gambling Ban Is Doomed


Senator Jon Kyl will continue on and on with this “Ban Online Casino Malaysia Gambling” for the good of the people nonsense. The truth is, online gambling will be going nowhere fast. The internet gambling ban efforts are just doomed to failure.

The sooner the likes of Kyl stop their pontificating and grandstanding for personal effect, the sooner online gambling can be regulated, for the good of the people.

Problems With Casino 888 Software Revealed by Cipher

Cipher runs the Gambling and has been running tests on his own blackjack sessions, while recording those results for years. Note :: All blackjack play recorded is for online casinos only. Ciphers blackjack betting has a name >> Ciphers Edge.

This is what Cipher has revealed regarding his findings after playing at Casino On Net aka

Rigged to wager at Casino On Net? >> by Cipher.

I think this is the very first losing session that I’ve posted and it really came as a surprise to find that Casino On Net would result to rigging the deck according to the amount wagered.

After playing some 2 dozen sessions all of which were winning sessions for a total of about $5,000.00 profit and without any technical problems at all, I decided to open things up a bit to see how the Casino On Net software would respond when playing for higher wagers.

Big mistake! I’ve attached the HTML merged file incident to that session of play as well as a copy of a screenshot of some very peculiar stuff that was going on when I began wagering in higher values. First off the software stopped revealing the hole card when the hand was completed.

Secondly, I started getting a caption bullet saying “Please wait until next round” popping up even before the cards had been removed from the previous hand of play, while at the same time I would get a dialogue box at the bottom of the screen that read “Deal me another card”.

Lastly before shutting down my computer last night I ran a total Registry Mechanic scan and fixed any problems that had been reported at that time I believe that was no more than 12 problems. Then after playing the attached session this morning, I ran another complete Registry Mechanic scan which came back with 140 problems being found.

In my opinion there are some very serious problems with this software. Accordingly, I would seriously suggest that you stay very far away from this casino.

Have a good one.


Click Here To View The Casino indian satta Problem Screenshot In A New Window

Gamblog comment > shall be watching closely how this problem Cipher has revealed with Casino 888 pans out. Also how well Cipher’s conclusions and concerns are handled by the largest online casino in the world.

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