Sheldon Adelson knows the formula for m24slot success , at least the formula for making money through a business that he considers to have no great secrets.

This is what he declares in a documentary made about him, which has been recorded this year in Paris and which will be released exclusively tomorrow, October 26. The documentary has been produced by Bonne Pioche and France Télévisions.

This businessman declares that if you have a project you must have the courage to carry it through to the end and that the correct way to start a project is not based on the money you have to invest, but to find the money necessary to carry out the project.

Among the statements that we can extract there are tips and the main one to make money, according to what he tells us, is not to trust anyone… and fight to carry the projects to the end.

This documentary directed by Philippe Bigot will show us more secrets about the casino magnate who will be in charge of bringing the casino business to Madrid, as confirmed on October 16 during his visit to the Spanish capital.

Adelson’s life is undoubtedly interesting and shows us how any man has been able to become the third richest man in the United States, the American dream come true through the casino in the purest American style. Adelson, belonging to an immigrant Jewish family in Boston, began earning money from his childhood through small businesses that he devised until he managed to invest in what is now one of the most profitable businesses in the world.


The history of gaming and betting goes beyond the land- based casino and many social games are accepting bets, in what is called social gaming monetization.

According to a report by Social Casino Metrics, profits from social gambling with enhanced money are expected to reach $1.6 million by the end of 2012 and $2.4 million in 2015.

The social games that are most similar to casinos are the ones that according to analysts have the best way to achieve great benefits, just as these types of games are also having a great acceptance in other television programs.

Facebook has been changing its policy on gambling, since they have seen the economic goldmine that it can represent, so social game publishers such as Zunga are making profits with their sale of virtual tokens for gambling and social betting.With the rise of social games, the question arises of the difference between social gaming and gambling and the connotations that this entails regarding regulation, tax regime, etc. So we wonder if a social game is a game of chance if there is no cash prize for winning. The current regulation of gambling will have to be adapted again for this type of services… this controversial sector always raises new and interesting unknowns that will be resolved with their rise.

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