The type of acne scar

It already exists for the acne scar, what measures can be taken to remove it? First of all, we come to learn what types of acne scar:

Acne scar main can be divided into splash (acne marking) and scars (depressions or convex) of two types. splash which is divided into red and black spots.

Red spot

Red spot are because growth in the positon of the original acne, cell inflammation caused by vasodilation. But go after the extinction acne will not immediately shrink blood vessels and go on to form a flat red a temporary erythema. It will rise in skin temperature or exercise more red, this red is not a scar, will be 4-6 months, gradually receded. Learn more about facial rejuvenation center nashville

Black spot

The black spot is at acne pigmentation after inflammation, so after acne healed left the place dirty black color, skin dull, the black color would actually go away over time, impatient people who had applied some corner of melanoma skin ointment or accept acid, vitamin C import.

Acne scar

The problem of acne scar issues covered include the skin epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue is more below, the consequences include the destruction of the skin, organizations defect and scar formation, not only resulted in the appearance of skin defects, but also affects the organizational structure of the normal skin. To improve the problem of acne marking and scar, it is necessary by a doctor for different types of scars make the diagnosis and assessment, to determine the treatment.

How to treatment acne scar?

TINA easily have acne in their youth, after a 25-year-old has always been beyond troubled adult acne, more terrible is that some acne has been to kill, but has refused traces disappear. In fact, women often grow acne susceptible acne scar disturbance, and the success of acne care, it was decided acne scar formation.

Most women face acne are due to lead to skin inflammation, and inflammation in the skin after the formation of a certain degree of pigment deposition phenomenon is generally a period of time necessary to allow the body metabolism out slowly, due to the seriousness with pock different skin metabolism is different from the time required are also different. Normal for three weeks to two months will gradually fall short, but some women are physical scars or pock deeper, coupled with poor metabolism of skin, the pigment of acne left is not deep easy swap metabolism, the formation of the so-called acne scar.

Easy cause people groups: acne and adult acne people, skin scarring physique.

Easy cause position: face everywhere

Spotted Appearance: with relevant the size of acne, showing a slightly irregular subsidence speckle.

Causes VS incentives: Acne

Major improvements: the use of whitening products to promote the metabolism, or acid treatment and whitening into way to deal with dark acne scar.





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