Tournament Middle Stages


I’ve been having a problem on Party, lately, in the MTTs. Basically, it goes like this: I survive the first hour no problem. Maybe I double up, maybe not, but usually I’m not in absolutely terrible shape. The field is whittled down by half. I usually make it through the second hour, where the field is further reduced by 2/3. The problem is, I never seem to have a huge number of chips by the end of the second hour. I’ll typically have anywhere from about 2/5 of the average stack to just under the average stack (T6000, typically). As a result, with blinds of 250/500 starting the third hour, it becomes a game of treading water to the money b/c I don’t have enough chips to do much besides push or fold — a “typical” raise pretty much pot-commits me to the river.

This bothers me. Something is sub-optimal with my play.

I decided to go trolling through the MTT forum on new online casinos 2022 usa , and lo and behold, last night someone posted with a similar problem:

I need to bone up on my tournament play. I can always seem to get to the mid-levels of the tournament just fine. It’s when the blinds get up to 300/600 or 400/800 that I really seem to start losing ground. I always get there around average or above average chip position. I continue to only play top hands but seem to lose more than I gain. How much should I loosen up pre-flop? What about post-flop? This is a major hurdle i need to overcome. Thanks.

There are a few excellent responses in the thread, which I encourage anyone who plays MTTs to read. There’s nothing earth-shattering about the advice given, but sometimes it’s helpful to see it in black and white right in front of your nose.

Today’s $30 MTT, btw, found me busting out 82nd of 640, when my KTs short-stack push was called by QQ. 12 off the money. Oh well.

Running Hot!

The Party $30 SnGs have been particularly juicy this week. I’ve played 11, with two 1sts, three 2nds, and two 3rds, for 64% ITM and a whopping 90% ROI. If only it could always be like this…

I have some SnG thoughts floating around in my head, some in contrast to Poker Nerd, some in common with him. I’ll try to remember to bang them out when I have more time.

New Record!

Went out of this morning’s $5 MTT on the 4th hand! Set over set cost me my entire stack. Oh well. I’ve heard that if you don’t lose your whole stack with the smaller set in that scenario, you probably didn’t play it right. Unfortunately, it means I didn’t make it to the middle stages to try to sharpen my play.

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