Understanding How Cellulite Lotions can Get Rid of Dimples – Explained by botox and fillers webster tx


Most women have cellulite, it’s a pesky point of life. Quite honestly it’s not the cellulite that they hate either, it’s the dimples that are caused on their legs and thighs. If you are looking forward to botox and fillers webster tx

Those dimples can stop a women from wearing a bathing suit, shorts and even a dress. How ever thanks to new topical cellulite lotions there is hope. You can reduce the appearance of those dimples drastically in just a few weeks by applying a topical lotion daily to the affected area.

How Does it Hide Dimples?

Cellulite dimples are caused by cellulite under the skin being pressed between connective tissues. The pressing of the fat under the skin causes the surface of the skin to have that cottage cheese look known as cellulite dimples. You don’t have to get rid of the cellulite to reduce the appearance of the dimples. You can adjust the look of the skin on the surface so that the dimples are no longer visible.

The key ingredient in most anti cellulite thigh creams and lotions is caffeine. Why you might ask is the key ingredient that jolts me in the morning the same that can help me hide cellulite? Caffeine is a stimulant. When you drink coffee and tea your heart starts bumping faster, you start feeling more energized how ever none of the caffeine in your coffee ever makes it to the areas affected by cellulite.

Why not? Circulation is poor for one thing in areas affected by cellulite, but also the caffeine is spread through out your entire body so there isn’t enough available to have any drastic effects. Instead applying it topically to the area in the form of a lotion allows it to be absorbed by the skin.

Once absorbed the caffeine stimulates blood flow to the area. This brings with it nutrients and opens the metabolic pathways in that area of the body. This is the first step to reducing the appearance of dimples caused by cellulite.

Once the blood flow is pumping the next step is to treat the skin on the surface. Key ingredients such as Retinol, shea butter and horsetail extract help firm and tone the skin.

You can think of this as stretching your skin. Think if you could pull on either end of your skin you wouldn’t be able to see the dimples below the skin caused by cellulite. Once the skin is firmer and toned it just takes consistent application of the cellulite lotion to entirely reduce the look of dimples.

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