Want a First-Hand Account of What It’s Like to be a Medical Transcriptionist? Conduct an Informational Interview!

An informational interview — it might be old fashioned, but it is the best way to get an “inside” look at a medical transcription career. Get your foot in the door and find out information about what it’s like to work in this career. Firsthand accounts from a medical transcriptionist or health care provider can tell you exactly what to expect — better than any information you can find on the Internet.

This type of interview is less formal than a regular interview, and provides YOU with the opportunity to ask the questions. Imagine having someone sitting in front Translation Company UK of you, at your disposal that you can ask:

– What is your medical transcription job like?

– What does a typical day entail?

– What are your duties and/or responsibilities?

– How did this type of work interest you?

– How did you get started?

– What medical transcription training or knowledge do you need to succeed?

– What do you like most about your medical transcription career? The least?

– What do you recommend I do first?

– What advice can you offer for my medical transcription career?

Find a local company, doctor’s office or fellow transcriber and make an appointment for an informational interview. This should be easy — most people would be happy to talk with someone that is interested in their medical transcription career.

Some important things to consider: make a list of questions beforehand, dress as you would for a normal interview and bring a notebook. First, you don’t want to go to you interview unprepared. Take some time beforehand to come up with some thoughtful questions. This is your one chance to ask pointed questions about medical transcription — don’t hold back! Second, you want to make a good first impression. You never know if your informational interview will lead to an actual interview or job offer, so dress in a professional manner. Third, bring a notebook to the interview. This will enable you to refer to your written questions as well as take notes. You want to remember what you learn, so go ahead and write down the important points.

If the health care industry is calling you and you think you’d like to pursue medical transcription, conduct an informational interview today. It is an ideal way to get a clear picture of a medical transcription job before you actually get started. You can see what a medical transcription career is like from someone that is actually doing the job — what could be better? Also, it is a great way to network in your future career and get to know other industry professionals.


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